Fish Culture

Quatse River Hatchery enhances four species of Pacific Salmon in seven North Island drainages. Quatse staff use a seine net in low river conditions to capture adult salmon in September and October. These brood are truck transported... More »

Stock Assessment

NVISEA employs certified swift water technicians, trained in species identification and river safety. These personnel are contracted to conduct snorkel swim enumerations for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and for the Ministry of Environment... More »

Habitat Restoration

The Quatse River has been NVISEA's focus for habitat restoration during the summers of 2004 through 2006. Forty-two large woody debris (LWD) and thirteen boulder structures were installed over 3.4 kilometres beginning 930 metres... More »

Stewardship & Education

Public interaction and facility tours are NVISEA's focus during our summer season. The close proximity of the Quatse River Hatchery to the District of Port Hardy's community trail, campgrounds, hotels and the marina make our facility... More »